Mexico-Birding Tours provides high-quality bird watching tours led by experienced birding guides within their homestates.  Our goal is to show you the best of Mexico, our country, at very reasonable rates.  By traveling with us you assure yourself a safe and well-planned birding experience.

Mexico is known worldwide for the richness of its people and land, the cultures that emerged over centuries, with archaeological sites that look out over the canopy of the forest, breathtaking birds that exceed the meaning of  the word beautiful.  Excellent bird watching spots and bird habitat make Mexico host to over a hundred and eighty endemic species, a great destination for your traveling experience!

Each one of us research, visit, plan and do the trip ourselves with the goal of creating the best bird sightings and memories of your trip

When you travel with us you save all the taxes and expenses that you would incur if you hire a bird guide from your country working in Mexico.

When you use our bird tour services you provide direct and indirect jobs to local people, local guides, communities, restaurants and hotels.

We avoid roadside birding and try to do our birdwatching within natural protected areas as well as sustainable communities.  This helps to encourage the study and protection of these natural areas and the birds.
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