Northern and Central Chiapas Birding - a 14 Day Tour

Day 0 - Arrival at Villahermosa, Tabasco Airport and drive to Chiapas.

Day 1 - We will start our birding at a very spectacular place that unable us to admire the gorgeous mayan ruins, some of the species of interest here are the endemics Mexican Antthrush, Green backed Sparrow, Rufous breasted spinetail, Grey throated chat and other species such as Crimson collared tanager, Keel billed toucan, several species of parrots and parakeets, as usual the tropical forest of Chiapas gets pretty quiet at noon that is our best opportunity to explore the archaeological site of Marvelous Palenque.

© Howler Monkey and Palenque by Eric Antonio Martinez

Day 2 -  Early morning we will be back to Palenque to give it a quick view, after this we will head toward the Montes Azules Biosfera reserve to our next locations.

Days 3 and 4 - Bonampak and Yaxchilan Area
A day for each location, on our first day we will visit the Bonampak area while in the second day we will navigate along the Usumacinta river to get to Yaxchilan, species likely to be found include Wedge Tailed Sabrewing, White Bellied Wren, Black Throated Shrike Tanager,Collared Trogon, Collared Plover, White Necked Jacobin, White Necked Puffbird, Royal Flycatcher, Long Billed Gnatwren, Specled Mouner, Tody Motmot, Keel Billed Toucan, Orange Billed Sparrow and many other species.

Day 5 - On day 5th again we’ll give a quick peak to Bonampak for fun and after birding we will drive to another amazing place where will be likely to see new species of birds but one of our main targets is to see the Scarlet macaws in the wild.

                          © Bonampak and the Usumacinta River By Eric Antonio Martinez

Day 6 - Birding to see Scarlet Macaws

Day 7 - This day we will have a break, sleep in and get ready for a long drive to Comitan de Dominguez, few stops along the road will give us some interesting species of birds and also some majestic sceneries of Chiapas.


                            © Mayan head by Eric Antonio Martinez

Days 8 and 9 - After coffee we will go in search for some specialties into a humid pine oak forest, our targets here are Prevost´s Ground sparrow, Hooded Grosbeak, Crescent chested Warbler, White Breasted Hawk, Unicolored jay, Slate colored Solitaire, white naped brushfinch, and regional endemic of the Northenr Flicker the Guatemalan Flicker.

Day 10 - Birding around Comitan de Dominguez and also visit the an arcaeological site, after this we will make our way to the beautiful city of San Cristobal de las Casas.

Day 11 - Birding at pine oak among a great number of birds including the White Eared Hummingbird, the Mountain Trogon, the Rufous Browed Wren, the Brown Backed Solitaire, the Rufous Collared Thrush, the Golden Browed Warbler, the enigmatic Pink Headed Warbler, the White Naped Brushfinch, and the Rufous Collared Sparrow.

© White Eared Hummingbird by René Valdes

Day 12 - Day to enjoy San Cristobal de las Casas, makets, churches and a spectacular range of different ethnic groups that gather at this beautiful city.

Day 13 - Birding Tuxtla here includes a wide variety of habitats and birds such as the endemics Green Parakeet, Azure Crowned Hummingbird, Russet Crowned Motmot, the good looking Belted Flycatcher, Flammulated Flycatcher, Blue and White Mockingbird, Rufous Capped Warbler, the beautiful Red breasted Chat, Blue bunting and a bunch of other interesting Birds.

© Pine Forest near Comitan by Eric Antonio Martinez

Day 14 - we will bird in a new location our target species on this day will be Yellow winged cacique, Mountain trogon but specially the great, and very wanted Nava’s Wren. After this we will have lunch at a sink whole were we will be able to admire Bat falcons chasing hundreds of Green parakeets. Tuxtla Gutierrez has an international airport and thus this place will be the end of our trip.


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