Michoacán and Colima - a 12 Day Bird Watching Tour

This birding trip covers the Central - Western part of Mexico in the states of Michoacán and Colima; this two states have become a great birding destination.

Day 1 - Arrival into Morelia

Day 2 - Our Guide will lead us to certain spots where we will able to see the Endemics Banded Quail, Black Chested Sparrow, Rusty Crowned Ground Sparrow, Spotted Wren, and the beautiful Black Polled Yellowthroat, other interesting species include Violet crowned Hummingbird, Happy Wren, Striped Sparrow, Russet Crowned Motmot, Fan Tailed Warbler, Golden Vireo, plus a some other great species.

    © Black Chested Sparrow by Liz Lauer                                                                                          © Green Violer Ear by Georgia Conti        
Day 3 - In a different Habitat of Pine oak forest we will enjoy great views of the Endemic Grey Barred Wren, Golden Browed Warbler, Green Striped Brushfinch, Hooded Grosbeak, Russet Nightingale Thrush, Red Warbler, and a wide variety of highland birds.

Day 4 - we will visit a special Location for Black Polled Yellowthroat.

Day 5 - This day will be doveoted to Travel into the State of Colima, as we reach our destination we will make stops to admire the landscape and the birds in the area.

Day 6 - on this day we will start our adventure by looking for some species such as West Mexican Chachalaca, Red Headed Tanager, Grey Crowned Yellowthroat, Lesser Roadrunner, Golden Crowned Emerald, Happy and Sinaloa Wrens, Brown Backed Solitaires, Grey Collared Becard, and other species of interest (overnight in Ciudad Guzman)

Day 7 - day that will include birding stops, the chances here for birds include Black Chested Sparrow, Black Capped Gnatcatcher, Aztec Thrush, (overnight Autlan)

Days 8 to 11 - We will be among several locations where birding will be gorgeous but our main species will be San blas jay, Mexican Parrotlets, flammulated Flycatcher, Lilac Crowned Parrot, Ruddy Breasted Seedeater, Balsas Screech Owl, Eared Poorwill, White Bellied Wren, Yellow winged Cacique, Golden checked Woodpecker, the habitat is combined and so the species will increase in good numbers some include tropical species.

Day 12 - End of the trip.
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