Birding in Chimalapas, Oaxaca -  the 5 day Tour

The Chimalapas Area is one of the most remote, amazing, rich and yet unexplored area of Mexico and the state of Oaxaca, the only way to get into this area is by the locals, not only because they know the area well but also because to them this area is sort of sacred and only worthy people can get into it, certainly birders are worthy to admire the richness of this area, the trip is design to spend time in tropical and humid evergreen forest with patches of cloud forest.

Day 0 -  Arrival to Airport.

Day 1 - The time and route to get to our destination will depend upon our arrival site, to get into this area, we will devote one day to drive to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and overnight in the area.

Day 2.- birding in the area, some of the species of interest around here are the endemic Cinnamon Tailed Sparrow, Stripe headed Sparrow, Orange Breasted Bunting and the Rosita`s Bunting, in wintertime we get chances to see some migrants from the north. After our birding we will head toward the Chimalapas area and overnight there.

                                                                                         © Landscape of Oaxaca By Dean LaTray

Day 1 to 4.- We will devote to bird and enjoy the majestic scenerie of the Chimalapas Area, the chances for birds is vast from common tropical species such as Collared, Violaceous and Slaty Tail Trogons,Woodpeckers like Pale Billed and Chestnut colored Woodpeckers, Honeycreepers, to amazing hummingbirds and rare Hawks and Hawk-eagles as well as other interesting birds and of course a great opportunity to find mammals, this area is well known to have tapirs, jaguars and many other Fauna.

                                                      © Slaty Tailed Trogon, Tourists and White Hawk By Dean LaTray

Day 5.- This day will be devoted to drive back to “Civilization”, we will go back to the city with
the closest airport to end our trip.

©Scissor Tailed Flycatcher By Dean LaTray
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