Birding in Huatulco, Oaxaca -  the 5 day Tour

Day 0 - Arrival to Huatulco.

Day 1 - Birding in Low deciduous Forest, some of the specialties of this place are the endemics: Orange Breasted Bunting, Happy Wren, Red Breasted Chat, Citreoline Trogon, Russet Crowned Motmot, Yellow Winged Cacique, and many other special birds of this wonderful forest.

                                                                              © Happy Wren by Eric Antonio Martinez

Day 2 - Early Morning to take our boat and go off sore to look for some pelagic birds, these waters host some interesting birds such as Townsend`s Shearwater, Wedge tailed shearwater, Black Vented shearwater and other species of Boobies, Storm petrels, cormorants and a wide variety of Water Birds, afterward we will head to one of the most interesting beaches for leisure, at night and if conditions are well we will go owling; some of the species of interest around here are Mottled Owl, Pauraque, and other nocturnal fauna.

                © Shearwater by Eric Antonio Martínez

Day 3 - Early Morning we will go birding along one of the most interesting rivers in the Area, we will go in search for species such as Rufous Naped Wren, White Lored Gnatcatcher, Golden Cheeked Woodpecker, Doubleday`s Hummingbird, White throated Magpie Jay and a variety of Parrots, Orioles afterwards we will take a drive to a new location, we will overnight there among Coffee plantations and a Mixed Tropical Semidecidious Forest.

Day 4 - Early Morning we will start our birding in this new location not far from Huatulco and one of our Targets will be the endemic Cinnamon Sided Hummingbird, we will also spend the day among Orange Fronted Parakeets, West Mexican Chachalacas, Golden vireo, Blue buntings and many other interesting species. Drive Back to Huatulco.

                                                      © Blue Bunting by René Valdés 

Day 5 - Early Morning we will go birding into a Tropical Forest close to Huatulco, here our Main target will be to look for the unvaluable and Oaxaca endemic Blue Capped Hummingbird, some other birds of interest here include Red Headed Tanager, Grey Crowned Woodpecker and many other interesting Birds. Afternoon Free and End of trip.

                            © Huatulco Forest by Eric Antonio Martinez

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