Birding Veracruz - the 9 day Tour

Day 0 - Arrival to Veracruz City.

Day 1 - Birding in marshes and besides a small fishing village, some of the birds of interest are the endemics Green Parakeet and the very beautiful Altamira Yellowthroat.

Day 2 - Birding in Thorn forest in coastal lowlands, some of the birds of interest include the endemics White bellied Wren, Yellow winged Tanager, Mexican Sheartail.

                                              Birding in the Veracruz Wetlands by Eric Antonio Martinez

Days 3 and 4 - Birding among Shaded coffee, and pine oak Forest, the first habitat comprises a great number of interesting birds, some of the endemics that we will look for are Bumblebee Hummingbird, Bronze winged Woodpecker, Wedge Tailed Sabrewing, Blue Mockingbird, White Naped Brushfinch, White Bellied Emerald, Three different species of Toucans, Fan tailed Warbler, Rufous Capped Warbler, but most of our time will be devoted to find two of the most amazing and awesome looking birds such as the Bearded Wood partridge and the Sumichrast`s Wren.

                                                  Yellow-winged Tanager by Eric Antonio Martinez

Day 5 - Birding in Wetlands among several riverside villages, some of the birds of interest around here are Yellow Headed Vulture, Great black Hawk, limpkin, Black Collared Hawk, and other interesting birds.

                                                 Black-Collared Hawk by Eric Antonio Martinez

Day 6 to 8 - Birding in Rain Forest, the habitat offers a wide amount of specialties such as the endemic Tuxtla quail Dove, Long tailed sabrewing, Plain Breasted Brushfinch, Mexican Antthrush, Slate Colored solitaire, Yellow winged tanager, Rufous breasted spinetail and many other interesting birds are present in the area.

                                            Rufous breasted spinetail by Eric Antonio Martinez 

Day 9 - Drive back to Veracuz and end of the trip.

                      Yellow headed Vulture and Bare throated Tiger Heron by Eric Antonio Martinez
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