Tamaulipas and the Northeast

The area of El Cielo (The Sky) is located in the gorgeous state of Tamaulipas, this area is the northernmost part of Cloud forest and tropical forest in Mexico, the area has a combination of great habitats that goes from agricultural areas, wetlands, plains and , up to pine oak and cloud forest, it hosts some of the most striking endemics, some of the birds possible include Tamaulipas Pygmy Owl, Tawny-Collared Nightjar, Altamira Yellowthroat, Crimson-Collared Grosbeak, Tamaulipas Crow, Bumblebee Hummingbird, Great Curassow, Ornate-Hawk Eagle, Solitary Eagle, Blue-Capped Motmot, Bronze-winged Woodpecker, Sungrebe, and many other striking birds, We have created a 10 day itinerary for this gorgeous area.

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