Veracruz is the second state with the largest number of bird species in Mexico, its location along the gulf of Mexico gives it an excellent location in the country covering all sorts of habitat, from the pine-fir mountains that edge the Central Volcanic Belt to the lowlands and wetlands along the Alvarado River, and he isolated mountains of Los Tuxtlas, we have a 12 day trip that cover a great amount of the lands of Veracruz, some of the species possible include Tuxtla Quail Dove, Bearded Wood Partridge, Sumichrast’s Wren, Rufous-naped Wren, Striped Sparrow, Long-tailed Sabrewing, Mexican Sheartail, Blue-capped Motmot, White-naped (Tuxtla) Brushfinch, Orchard (Fuertes’s) Oriole and many other outstanding birds.

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